Company Information

We, Morito Group, have been supplying various kinds of parts in line with times for more than 110 years since our establishment from mainly apparel and footwear accessories such as elelets, snap fasteners and velcro tapes to parts for industrial products such as video e accessories and automobile accessories.
In June 2022, our group was reorganized and “Morito Apparel” was born, specializing in the planning & development, production & sales distribution of mainly apparel parts.
We are going to focus on the development of environmental friendly and useful products. Moreover, are aiming to investment in new functions and services.
When people are confronting a big historical turning point, enormously changing their lifestyles and values, continuously introduce innovative and inspiring apparel “Parts”to the world demanding by our customers in any period without being afraid of changing.


Committing to Morito Apparel corporate vision of “Make your smile and happiness by our ‘Parts’”, all our associates are responsible for the creation of the values with our “Parts”which can bring happiness to everyone of our manufacturers, customers and consumers from now and on.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support.

Hiroyoshi MORI, CEO


Corporate Principle

Connection with our parts, connection with people,
and connection with future.

  • We make available a broad array of parts throughout the world, pursuing a boundless market that transcends product genres.
  • We give shape to the needs of our customers, exercising authentic craftsmanship and thereby enriching people’s lives.
  • We demonstrate value-creating expertise from a comprehensive point of view (i.e., in terms of fashion, function, comfort, safety),
    contributing to the creation of a better tomorrow in one with all our stakeholders.

Corporate Vision

Make your smile and happiness by our ‘Parts’

  • We have been defining the standards for apparel parts together with our manufacturers and customers and
    we continue to create values with our ‘Parts’bringing smile and happiness to everyone.
  • Without being afraid of changing, we promise to always introduce innovative and inspiring apparel “Parts”to the world and
    define new standards for the future era.

Action Guideline


We promise to actively review existing practices and constantly reflect and evaluate whether our thought and action are fair and sound,
and make transparent decision-making.


We promise to challenge to create innovative products and technologies not exisiting in the past world by combining potential needs and
our technical strengths so as to create new business opportunities.


We promise to build fair relationships with all of our manufacturers and customers and endeavor to be the best business partner for all to continue growing together through sharing and solving issues.


We promise to opt for environmental friendly technologies for all business processes of development, production, distribution, and sales to contribute to the preservation of the global environment.


With respect to every differences of all our working partners together,
we promise to cultivate flexible ideas through the active adoption of diverse perspectives.

Morito Group’s
Management Philosophy

Please feel free to contact us
for inquiries.

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