Product information | Eyelet hook

Eyelet hook

  • Sports
  • Town
  • Worker

he snap fastener you would have never thought of.


1. It looks like eyelet at a first glance but it’s actually brand-new snap fastener combining ordinary snap’s function.
2. Durable socket & stud offer you stable closing/opening action force.
3. Combination of this socket and stud is the thinnest and lightest ones, named Flat-1, in our product lineup.

Recommended application

In the centre front of women’s & men’s shirts and outer wears, pocket flaps, miscellaneous goods, etc.

Size variation

Cap (double heads) : 7.6mm
Socket : 12.4mm
Stud : 11.1mm



Color variation

Color variation : 15 colors
* We are ready to offer you other colors/finishes according to your requests.

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Product information | Thermocompression Silicone

Thermocompression Silicone

  • Formalwear
  • Town
  • Worker

Easy application, non-slippery patch with excellent performance

A silicon patch with a wide size variation with convexo-concave pattern and you may also print your logo on it.
Attach with a heat press machine or iron.
In addition, since silicone is kneaded with antibacterial agent, it also has antibacterial effect.
(* Antibacterial finishing does not suppress all bacteria.)

Suitable for non-slippery applications

Attach it inside of slacks or skirts to prevent shirt from rolling up.
Besides, convexo-concave pattern can increase the friction for non-slippery function.
It’s thin and unnoticeable, so it matches with various kind of fabric.
(Since it’s not suitable for some fabrics such as water-repellent fabric and highly dense taffeta fabrics, please conduct an adhesion test in advance.)

For patch use

Availabe with a wide variety of colors and logo printing, and in logo shapes.
Bear and Heart-shaped designs used for patches for kids.
Water-washable, dry-cleaning free.。

Size variation

42x11mm, 70x18mm, 40x20mm、In the shape of a bear, heart, flowers, etc.


Body : Silicone 70%
Hot-melt film : Urethane 30%
Transparent film : PET/ Silicone resin
White film : PP

Product information | BESPOT Compatible with needle detector

BESPOT Compatible with needle detector

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Product information | Blind Snap

Blind Snap

Mainly used for coats and outer jackets because of its strong opening/closing action force and innovative design. Available in three sizes, while 5501, the smallest one, is
especially a hot item for shirts.

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